MyMercy is an online service and app that allows patients to connect with their care team and manage their health online. It offers several features that are useful for patients and their loved ones, including:

  1. Schedule Appointments: Patients can easily schedule appointments with their healthcare providers through MyMercy.
  2. Communicate with Care Team: MyMercy provides a platform for patients to communicate with their doctors and care team. They can send messages, ask questions, and receive responses.
  3. Access Test Results: Patients can view their test results, including lab reports and imaging studies, through MyMercy.
  4. Request Prescription Refills: MyMercy allows patients to request prescription refills conveniently online.
  5. Manage Appointments: Patients can view details about past and future appointments, add themselves to the waitlist for earlier appointment times, and complete the check-in process from home to save time at the clinic.
  6. View Health Records: MyMercy enables patients to access their health records, including medications, immunization history, and more.
  7. Pay Bills: Patients can view and pay their medical bills through MyMercy.
  8. Share Health Records: MyMercy allows patients to share their health records with other healthcare organizations, consolidating all their health information into one place.
  9. Family Access: Patients can give access to their MyMercy account to family members, allowing them to manage the health of their children and other family members from one account.
  10. Health Reminders: Patients can create their own health reminders to help them stay on track with their healthcare goals.

To register for MyMercy, patients can visit the MyMercy website or download the MyMercy app on their smartphone or tablet. They will need to create an account and follow the registration process provided.


What is MyMercy?

MyMercy is a free online service and app that allows you to connect with your care team and manage your health online.

What can I do with MyMercy?

With MyMercy, you can schedule appointments, email your doctor, view your test results, track your health history, request prescription refills, pay your bills, and more.

Is MyMercy available to all patients?

MyMercy is currently available to Mercy patients in all the communities they serve.

Do I need to pay to use MyMercy?

No, MyMercy is a free online service offered to Mercy patients.

How do I register for MyMercy?

To register for MyMercy, you need to be a patient of a Mercy Clinic. If you’re already a patient, you can register online or talk to a Mercy Clinic co-worker.

Is there a MyMercy app?

Yes, there is a MyMercy app available for smartphones and tablets. You can download it from the Apple App Store.

Can I give access to my family members through MyMercy?

Yes, you can give friends and family access to your MyMercy account, allowing them to take care of your children and other family members from one account.

Can I link health accounts from other healthcare organizations to MyMercy?

Yes, you can combine all your health records into one from other healthcare organizations, making it easier to manage your health information.

Can I review and pay my bills through MyMercy?

Yes, you can view a summary of your clinic and hospital billing accounts, sign up for paperless billing, and make online payments through MyMercy.

Is there a MyMercy app for Apple Watch?

Yes, you can stay up to date with your MyMercy health feed right from your Apple Watch.